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MTT Practice Tests

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Case Studies Practice Problems

0Case Study Assignment B Gonzalez.docx

0Case Study Assignment C Martinez.docx

0Case Study Assignment D Reed.docx


Excel Practice Problems

A - weight_practice_problem.docx


B - labor_practice_problem.docx


C - inflation_practice_problem.docx


D - freight practice problem.docx


I don't necessarily believe that Excel is fun - but it is a sight more fun when you know what the heck you are doing and why.  The video below is great for describing why to use absolute vs. relative cell referencing and even better, how to do it with keyboard shortcuts. The only thing we figured out in Burger King one day while we were practicing is that he misses one key that has to be clicked in addition to the F4 key. In both 2007 and 2010, you have to hold down the fn or window key with the F4.  If you just click on F4, strange things happen depending on your computer. What DID we do BYT (Before YouTube)?



PowerPoint Practice Tests

A - Branches practice_test1.pptx     Click here for images:  ppt1 images


B - Butterflies practice_test2.pptx     Click here for images:  ppt2 images


C - Cells practice_test3.pptx     Click here for images:  ppt3 images


D - Clouds practice_test4.pptx     Click here for images:  ppt4 images


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